Welfare check turned into threats

8460 Huntdale Ct Charlotte , North Carolina 28212


Two Charlotte Mecklenburg officers responded to my house and it was quickly determined that I was OK. Then primary officer stated I know who you are. Unfortunately for you, I'm going to be on the lookout for you and I'm going to broadcast your location. We're going to destroy your car. I remained silent for the rest of encounter. I looked at my garage and he responded that he already knew what my car looked like. He said I'm going to beat your ass when you're arrested and in jail. I know what you've done. You won't be ignoring me when I get ahold of you. The secondary officer said he will too. You'll see. Oh, you're ignoring me now. I think I'll come to the jail too. Second officer said we will kick your ass if you report this. You just make us mad when you report it. Nobody is going to do anything. They left after calling me stupid.


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