Skull bashed in while in holding cell

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001


Flynn is accused of pointing a rifle at his neighbor during an argument over a parking space and then ignoring police commands during his arrest.

He was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer and resisting or obstructing a police officer.

Richard Flynn is in the holding cell, voicing frustrations over being detained. At one point, Flynn can be seen kicking the cell door.

A few moments later, officers Danny Salcido and Richard Garcia entered the cell and used force on Flynn.

"Officer Garcia struck Mr. Flynn with his knee multiple times while he and Officer Salcido slammed Mr. Flynn on the wall of the holding cell door again and again and again," the notice states.

Lahann said Flynn sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs and multiple contusions.

When paramedics arrived, they determined Flynn needed to be sent to MountainView Regional Medical Center, according to a police report. There, medical personnel determined Flynn needed to be transported to University Medical Center in El Paso for further treatment.

"One of the major discrepancies is that the officers claim that Mr. Flynn sustained his injuries after he slipped and fell," he said, referring to Salcido's report of the incident. "The video clearly shows that Mr. Flynn did not fall."

Garcia's report states that Flynn, at one point, pinned down one of the officers, saying in part, "(Flynn) threw his body weight back toward the officer pinning the officer between him and the wall."

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