Help Police Project



  • Tor is a great first step for filing a completely anonymous police report. State Actors are easily able to snoop on your traffic without it.
  • Whisper Systems have great software for phones to encrypt your calls and messages.


  • If you tell anyone what you are doing, expect everyone to know.
  • Create a tree of fake identities to protect your own. Cycle through these regularly, do not ever have two connected.



  • Write content for the website as tasks come up
  • Do guest posts for other websites to increase exposure


  • Help us manage social media accounts
  • Develop marketing strategies to reach the most people possible to mass police reports


  • Front-end website design
  • Graphic work as needed
  • Banners for partner websites


  • Keep track and post about high-profile police events
  • Manage our blog
  • Help develop wikipedia pages

Software Development

  • Implementing new features
  • Bug fixing
  • Super secret dev talks


  • Help us to develop recourse for victims
  • Assist in development of pages involving rights and “what to do if X”
  • A handbook for “terry stop”, rights of detainees, etc

Everything else

If you’re really interested in working with the project, we can surely find something for you to work on. Get in contact with us to talk some more.

If you see anything on the above list that catches your interest, and you want to make a difference in the way law enforcement is affects us, then contact us to set up some tasks. Help as you can, and know that your work and efforts are appreciated not only by us, but by anyone the Police Project may help or positively influence.